18 - 20, July 2014

Global Premier International Conference on Cryptography and Security 2014

ICCS 2014

The purpose of ICCS 2014, the International Conference on Cryptography and Security, is to bring together researchers, mathematicians, engineers and practitioners interested on security aspects related to information and communication.

Theoretical and practical advances in the fields of cryptography and coding are a key factor in the growth of data communications, data networks and distributed computing. In addition to the mathematical theory and practice of cryptography and coding, ICCS also focuses on other aspects of information systems and network security, including applications in the scope of the knowledge society in general and information systems development in particular, especially in the context of e-business, internet and global enterprises.

Information theory and information security are hot topics nowadays, ranging from statistics and stochastic processes to coding, from detection and estimation to Shannon theory, from data compression to data networks and systems security, cryptography, as well as many other topics.


Areas of Conference

  • Cryptography
  • Data Security
  • Network Security
  • Encryption Technologies
  • Watermarking

Discuss & Collaborate

ICCS 2014 gives you a platform where you can discuss with the people of same platform. Joint collaborate actions can result in fostering the Research.



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